Case Studies

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Treatment of the Borehole Supply Water at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

In June 2013 Scalemaster supplied Yorkshire Wildlife Park with a Filtration System (2 x 263/740 1465 Sediment Timed Turbidex Back Flush Units) fitted with Ultraviolet Dis...Read more

Whitby's Restaurant

Limescale Prevention in Commercial Dishwashers at Whitby Fish & Chip Restaurant

In May 2013, Scalemaster supplied a Softline 450 Non-Electric Water Softener through a local plumbers’ merchant to Whitby’s Fish &...Read more

Robin Hood Airport

Treatment of the Heating /Cooling System Water at Robin Hood Airport

In December 2010, the Site Services Department at Robin Hood Airport contacted Scalemaster for advice following failure of the heating/cooling system in the Ter...Read more

AF Auto Centre, Folkstone

In September 2013, Scalemaster supplied a Softline 150 non-electric water softener to AF Auto Centre, Folkstone. The performance of water spray jets that were being used to clean off the mess from seagulls from 72 solar panels on the roof of the buil...Read more

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