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Treatment of the Heating /Cooling System Water at Robin Hood Airport

In December 2010, the Site Services Department at Robin Hood Airport contacted Scalemaster for advice following failure of the heating/cooling system in the Terminal Building.  The primary heat-exchanger had cracked through freezing in the cold weather following loss of the anti-freeze working fluid and automatic replenishment with mains water.  Upon replacement of the heat-exchanger, Scalemaster helped source 5000 litres of pre-mixed water/glycol and supplied 60 litres of its Scalemaster Gold 100-I inhibitor to protect the system against scale and corrosion.

“Choosing the Scalemaster 100-I Commercial Inhibitor was the best decision we made.  We had to gain access to the system at elevated height and, as the product comes in 5 litre Jerry Cans (each sufficient to treat 2,000 litres of system water), this made filling the system easy” says Mr. Shaw – Site Services Co-ordinator

Scalemaster is currently providing ongoing maintenance in the form of regular monitoring of the concentration of the inhibitor in the water via its Heating System Water Quality Health Check Service.


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