Mains Water Testing and Leak Detection

For the determination of total water hardness and to check if water softeners are working correctly, Scalemaster® supply foil-wrapped test strips in packs of 6. These easy-to-use test strips are simply dipped in the water with a colour change giving a visual indication of total water hardness within seconds.

The Scalemaster® battery-powered Water Leak Detector guards against water leaks in areas not regularly checked by consumers, for example in airing cupboards and under sinks and baths. Similar in operation to a smoke detector, the Scalemaster® Water Leak Detector provides confidence against leaks in areas where significant water damage can result if left unchecked. 

Water Hardness Test Strips – 6 Pack

Water Hardness Test Strips – 6 Pack

DescriptionProduct Code
Water Hardness Test Strips – 6 Pack901008
Water Leak Detector

Water Leak Detector

DescriptionProduct Code
Water Leak Detector709109

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