The Softline 150 can use granular, tablet or block salt.
The Softline 150 Mini and Softline 450 use tablet or granular salt.
The 100 and 200 series softeners can use either granular or tablet salt.
Tablet salt is better as it gives a better brine solution and is easier to get hold of.
Block salt has the advantage of being lighter to handle as it is in 8kg blocks but can be more expensive in the log run.
Salt is available from most Plumbers’ Merchants such as Plumb Centre and City Plumbing Supplies, and places like Homebase and B & Q, garden centres and some petrol stations.

The salt cabinet should be kept topped up no higher than the overflow fitting.

This will depend on your water useage, but on average, a family of 4 would use a 25kg bag of salt approximately every 6 – 8 weeks.

The softener needs only to be topped up with salt, no other daily maintenance is needed.

In the case of the Softline 150, it can be fitted into most standard 400mm wide kitchen cabinets with ease. The 100 series will also fit into most standard cabinets. Check sizes before attempting installation.

The Softline 150, 150 Mini and 450 need no electrical supply at all so are the perfect answer to an installation where there is no power supply or difficulty in installing one.
The 100 and 200 series will need an electrical supply to plug in the transformer lead.

Both the 150 and 450 operate on water pressure. In the case of the 150 it needs an operating pressure of minimum 1 bar dynamic at the taps.

While softened water is perfectly safe to drink, it is recommended that one tap remains able to supply non-softened water, particularly for anyone on a sodium restricted diet or young babies.

No, while there is around 50mg of sodium in a glass of softened water, there is 200mg in a slice of brown bread.

Providing the Water Softener is registered and installed correctly the warranty is 5 Years Parts & Labour.

Your warranty covers failure of the valve which is the main operating unit on the water softener.

Your warranty does not cover incorrect installation, or commissioning, site damage or resin contamination.

All Scalemaster® Water Softener are designed to have the highest flow rates on the market. Easy to install High Flow installation kits are available to guarantee unrestricted flow to protect boilers. This High Flow kit comes included with the Softline 150 and 450.

No, in the case of the 150 and 450 all that is needed is to set the water hardness and set a manual regeneration. With the 100 and 200 series it is a 3-step set up process.

It will take about a week before you will start to see the effects. While you get soft water straight away it will take time for this to replace the hard water already in your water system.

In some countries you have to re-introduce some hard water to softened water, this is what the blending valve is for. Here, this is not a requirement but can be used to take the ‘edge’ off soft water.

You will feel the difference when you wash etc, you will get a better foam when using soaps and detergents. But testing the water with Water Hardness Test Strips will confirm this for you. For consistency we would always recommend you use Scalemaster® Water Hardness Test Strips which can be bought online.

With ‘SERVICE’ next to the arrow you will have water flowing through the softener, with ‘BYPASS’ next to the arrow the softener is isolated from the water supply.Water Softener bypass