Standard Scalemaster® Central Heating System Chemicals are supplied in handy 500ml bottles which can be poured into the feed and expansion tank of open-vented systems or mixed with the final fill water in pressurised systems. The full range of products includes: Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor, Noise Reducer (Non-Acid De-Scaler), Cleanser for the pre-commissioning of new systems, Sludge Remover for the regeneration of established systems, Leak Sealer for the internal sealing of inaccessible leaks and weeping joints, and a new Super Rapid Cleanser for powered flushing applications.

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SM1 Inhibitor

SM-1 Scale and corrosion inhibitor concentrate/gel for central heating systems
SM1 Inhibitor 500ml500010

SM2 De-Scaler

SM-2 Non-acid chemical scale remover/boiler noise reducer for central heating systems
SM2 De-Scaler 500ml500119

SM3 Cleaner

SM-3 Chemical cleanser for removing grease and foulants from new central heating systems
SM3 Cleaner 500ml500218

SM4 Sludge Remover

SM-4 Chemical sludge remover for removing sludge in the renevation of established heating systems
SM4 Sludge Remover

SM5 Leak Sealer

SM-5 Chemical leak sealer for sealing weeps and small leaks in central heating systems
SM5 Leak Sealer 500ml500324

SM6 Heat Optimiser 500ml

Improves heat transfer, saves up to 15% on heating costs.
SM6 Heat Optimiser 500ml500331

SM7 Biocide 500ml

Prevents bacterial & fungal growth. Suitable for under-floor and heat-pump systems.
SM7 Biocide 500ml500348

SM8 Power Cleaner 500ml

Heavy Duty Cleaner for powered flushing of sludge systems.
SM8 Power Cleaner 500ml50035