Scalemaster Limestop! Can be used where you want to prevent scale forming. It can be placed at point of use or point of entry to the property.
  • POINT OF USE: For local protection, where space is limited. A versatile solution that can be adapted to customers' needs.
  • POINT OF ENTRY: To protect the entire water circuit in buildings against limescale.
  • THE SCIENCE BIT…: Each bead is covered in imperfections called media templates that attract minerals (limescale & carbonate) and combine them to form micro-crystals that grow slowly. These crystals break off and pass through the system without sticking to the pipes, fixtures, valves or heating elements.

Limestop Water Conditioner 8 L/Min

LimeStop! SLS8902210

Limestop Water Conditioner 12 L/Min

LimeStop! SLS12902234

Limestop Water Conditioner 15 L/Min

LimeStop! SLS15902258