Water Softeners

Feel the benefits of soft water...


Keeps surfaces shiny
No more limescale residue on shiny surfaces.


Soft on skin & hair
Enjoy water that is soft to touch leaving you with luxurious water to bath in.


Save money
Pipes will descale over time, your hot water system will become more efficient.


Appliances last longer
With soft water scale slowly diminishes extending appliance lifespan.


Save on soap & shampoo
Soaps & shampoo lather better & give better bubbles.


Save time on cleaning
No more scum marks reduces cleaning time.


Scalemaster Fact

Scale builds up in pipes, boilers, washing machines & dishwashers. Just 1.6mm of scale build up in heating systems causes a 12% loss in heating efficiency, adding hundreds of pounds to heating bills.

Scale also reduces the life of this equipment. Softened water stops scale build up, and can remove existing scale deposits in hot water systems as well as the scale around taps, in shower heads & stains on baths & showers.