Whitby’s Restaurant

Limescale Prevention in Commercial Dishwashers at Whitby Fish & Chip Restaurant

Scalemaster® supplied a Softline 450 Non-Electric Water Softener through a local plumbers’ merchant to Whitby’s Fish & Chip Restaurant, Doncaster. The unit was installed in the cold mains supply to the dishwasher and commissioned by local installer Mr. C. Duce.

Limescale precipitating from the local hard water (195mg/l hardness) was causing blockage of the washer jets resulting in less than clean crockery and disruption because of the need for regular de-scaling.

“We are delighted that the addition of the Scalemaster® water softener has totally eliminated the problems which limescale was causing now allowing us to focus on delivering high quality food”.

At 200ppm the Softline 450 uses less than 1kg of salt and 2% of the water for each regeneration making it one of the most economical state-of-the-art water softeners available. With its 5 year parts and labour guarantee Whitby’s can count on trouble-free service from their dishwasher for years to come.