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Scalemaster® developed the first Electrolytic Limescale Inhibitor back in 1984. This product is still the only Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor to be independently* tested and proven to extend boiler lifetime by up to 50% by reducing limescale build up in hard water areas. Scalemaster® also developed the first scale protected shower with a built in Limescale Inhibitor. In recent years Scalemaster® were the first company to offer central heating chemicals in a 250ml bottle that would still treat a 100 litre (10 rad) system along with i-Mag®, the first Stainless Steel System Filter.
Scalemaster® are continually looking to improve our products and bring innovative products to the market and in 2019 launched the next generation of testing the water quality in the heating system. i-Test® the first on-site test of corrosion inhibitor protection using your smartphone to generate a report that can be emailed to your customer in less than 5 minutes.
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*Independent tests carried out by Advantica (previously part of British Gas plc).