Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Treatment of the Borehole Supply Water at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Scalemaster® supplied Yorkshire Wildlife Park with a Filtration System (2 x 263/740 1465 Sediment Timed Turbidex Back Flush Units) fitted with Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment (75W, SS147SA) so that water from 2 boreholes recently sunk on site could safely be used for general use around the park including water features in several of the animal enclosures. The 117 litre per minute system delivers water which is free from contaminants such as iron, manganese and bacteria which also makes it perfectly safe for use in washrooms and hand-wash stations installed around the site.

“We were really happy with the professional approach of the Scalemaster® representative in helping us to select and understand the type of equipment we needed to install to make best use of the water available on site. Switching from mains supplied water will save us hundreds of pounds per annum and we know that we can depend on Scalemaster® expertise to ensure that the water quality will be maintained for the welfare of the animals”

Mr. Williams – Proprietor (Owner)