Limescale Inhibitors

Limescale inhibitors (sometimes called physical water conditioners or physical water treatment devices) is a term generally used to describe a wide range of water treatment products that are designed to prevent lime-scale build-up on heat exchange surfaces in boilers when hard water is heated. Scalemaster® Limescale Inhibitors generally work by affecting the chemistry of the precipitation reaction, suppressing lime-scale formation, reducing the rate of scaling and /or altering the form of the scale or the chemistry of the precipitation mechanism itself. Different types of products are suited to particular water-heating applications.
The original and best! Scalemaster® Electrolytic inhibitors are the only physical ’in-line’ water conditioners proven* to extend boiler life typically by up to 50% by preventing limescale build-up in hard water areas.
*Independent tests carried out by Advantica (previously part of British Gas plc)